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Interconvertable pet stairs and ottoman
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1. An apparatus convertible for placement on a floor between a furniture configuration without exposed stairs and a stairs configuration with exposed stairs comprising:
a) first and second sections;
b) the first section providing a base with a front, a rear and spaced sides; the base configured and shaped such that, when in the stairs configuration, a portion of the base engages the floor near the front and rear of the base on both sides of the base; the base having an opening into a receiving area;
c) the second section being reciprocally received within the receiving area of the first section so as to be substantially fully received in the first section and having sides that engage the floor near both the front and rear thereof;
d) the second section being mounted on the first section by glides on each of the sides thereof that allow the first section to reciprocate into and out of the first section so that, when outside the first section, the apparatus is in the stairs configuration and when inside the first section, the apparatus is in the furniture configuration; and
e) each of the first and second sections have a top.