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Wire communication in an e-vaping device
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1. A cartomizer, comprising:
a liquid storage portion for storing an e-liquid;
a memory device for storing cartomizer information;
a vaporizer including a heating element, the vaporizer being in fluid communication with the liquid storage portion and configured to vaporize e-liquid stored in the liquid storage portion;
a switching architecture configured to selectively prevent a flow of current through the heating element, the switching architecture including one or more electronic switches; and
a power supply line configured to supply power from a power supply to the heating element, and configured to transfer data between the memory device and a controller,
the memory device including an integrated circuit configured to control the switching architecture to prevent a flow of current through the heating element when the memory device communicates with the controller,
the integrated circuit of the memory device being configured to control the switching architecture by controlling the one or more electronic switches.