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Fixture mount sensor with remote energy usage reporting
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1. A lighting system for controlling and reporting power usage, the lighting system comprising:
an LED driver coupled to a voltage source, the LED driver having at least an input, an output, and an auxiliary port, the input connected to the voltage source for powering the LED driver;
an LED load coupled to the output of the LED driver;
a power consumption sensor configured for selective coupling to the auxiliary port of the LED driver, the power consumption sensor further configured to monitor a dimming control voltage associated with the LED driver, and to estimate a power usage of the LED driver and the LED load based on programmed relationships between the dimming control voltage and a selected dimming profile associated with the LED driver; and
at least one external device configured to selectively communicate with the power consumption sensor, to control an operational mode of the power consumption sensor, and to receive the estimated power usage of the LED driver and the LED load.