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Lighting system
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1. A connected downlight, comprising:
a facing having a facing height;
an external mounting mechanism mounted to the facing, the external mounting mechanism comprising a pair of spring clips mounted to opposing sides of the facing;
a housing, comprising:
a heat sink mounted to the facing, the heat sink having a first side, a second side opposing the first side, a first thermal conductivity value, and a heat sink height taller than the facing height;
an RF-translucent end cap mounted to the second side of the heat sink and coaxially aligned along a longitudinal axis with the heat sink, the RF-translucent end cap having a second thermal conductivity value; and
a set of cooling channels cooperatively defined by the heat sink and the end cap, the set of cooling channels fluidly connecting a housing interior with a housing exterior;
a lighting module comprising:
a substrate mounted and thermally connected to the first side of the heat sink; and
a plurality of light emitting elements mounted to the substrate;
a wireless communication module comprising an antenna, the antenna arranged separate from the lighting module and mounted within the housing interior, proximal the end cap;
a reflector, comprising:
a first open end mounted to the heat sink, proximal the lighting module; and
a second open end distal the heat sink;
a diffuser mounted to the second open end; and
a swivel body encircling the reflector, statically mounted to the first housing end, and rotatably mounted to the facing, wherein the swivel body rotatably mounts the facing to the heat sink.