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Tubular lighting device assembly
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1. A tubular solid state lighting device comprising:
a light transmissive tube comprising an inner wall section axially extending along the tube;
a flexible carrier strip having a first portion attached to said inner wall section, the flexible carrier strip comprising an elongate major surface and a further elongate major surface opposite the elongate major surface, the elongate major surface carrying a plurality of solid state lighting elements on the first portion, and carrying a plurality of electrically conductive contacts each acting as a terminal for the plurality of solid state lighting elements in adjacent terminal regions at one end of the flexible carrier strip, said adjacent terminal regions being separated by a recess and an enhancing portion bridging parallel edges of the adjacent terminal regions; and
a rigid printed circuit board comprising:
a first major surface onto which a driver circuit for the solid state lighting elements is mounted, said first major surface facing the flexible carrier strip;
a second major surface opposite the first major surface carrying a plurality of spatially separated soldering pads along an edge of the second major surface, each soldering pad corresponding to one electrically conductive contact;
wherein the further elongate major surface contacts the second major surface such that each electrically conductive contact is aligned with one of the spatially separated soldering pads and is soldered to said soldering pad by a solder portion extending over the terminal region carrying said electrically conductive contact.