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System and method for introducing photosensitive dyes via an insert into a root canal in a tooth, method for producing said dye impregnated insert and method of using said dye-impregnated insert
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1. A bactericidal insert for introduction into a canal in a tooth during a root canal procedure, said insert comprising a carrier having a plurality of pores or interstices having been impregnated with a liquid photosensitive dye so that said dye enters said pores or interstices and then said carrier with said liquid photosensitive dye forms a dye-impregnated carrier, said dye-impregnated carrier being configured for insertion within the canal of the tooth and also, the dye can be wet or dried and, if dried, configured to be wetted to dissolve said dye to produce a liquefied dye, said liquefied dye being activatable to produce singlet oxygen or free radicals within said canal when irradiated by light from outside of the tooth;
wherein said insert is configured so that a wetting agent can be added thereto to wet said dry dye-impregnated carrier and wherein said insert is packaged in a package with said wetting agent.