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Device for the controlled removal of osseointegrated implants and improved osseodisintegratable implants
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1. A medical device for releasing an implant from a bone of a patient to which the implant adheres to, the medical device comprising:
a heating/cooling device configured to produce or release heating energy and/or a cooling agent to heat and/or cool the implant;
a controlling device configured to control the heating/cooling device, wherein the controlling device comprises a database storing information and controls the heating/cooling device based on the information stored in the database;
wherein the database comprises:
implant information; and
information defining a temperature, a temperature curve, a heating time, a cooling time, and a frequency of heating and/or cooling suitable to effect osseodisintegration of the implant based on the implant information;
a coupling device configured to releasably connect to the implant while the implant adheres to the bone of the patient, wherein the coupling device is configured to transfer the heating energy and/or the cooling agent produced or released by the heating/cooling device to the implant; and
an input device operably linked with the controlling device, wherein the input device is configured to receive a parameter from an operator operating the medical device, wherein the parameter:
(i) defines a type, dimension, mass, surface structure and/or material of said implant; and/or
(ii) defines an expected amount of osseointegrated surface on the implant; and/or
(iii) defines an amount and/or duration of the heating and/or cooling; and/or
(iv) defines an expected position or region of the osseointegrated surface on the implant; and/or
(v) is selected from the group consisting of
(a) information defining a type, dimensions, mass, surface structure and/or material of the implant or a cavity geometry within the implant;
(b) information defining a form of the coupling device or information defining a thermal conductivity of the coupling device;
(c) information defining a surface of the implant which is osseointegrated;
(d) information defining a type of heating energy and/or cooling agent to be used or information defining an amount of heating energy and/or cooling agent necessary to reach osseodisintegration of an implant as defined in (a); and
(e) information for controlling the heating/cooling device to heat or cool the implant to achieve osseodisintegration of bone material contacting the implant or located within a distance of less than a predefined distance from the surface of said implant;
(vi) defines bone density of the bone contacting or surrounding the implant; and/or
(vii) defines a date on which the implant was implanted into the patient; and/or
(viii) defines an age of the patient.