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Lighting apparatus including function configuration switch module and control method therefor, and computer-readable recording medium having program recorded thereon for executing same
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1. A lighting apparatus including a function configuration switch module, the apparatus comprising:
a lighting module installed in a predetermined indoor space and emitting light;
a lighting driving module applying driving power to the lighting module;
a communication module performing data communication with an external lighting control device or a sever;
a storage module storing a program that controls an operation of the lighting module, data generated by executing the program, and unique identification information of the lighting apparatus;
a function configuration switch module for configuring access to a wireless mesh network via a function configuration switch; and
a control module controlling an operation of the lighting driving module such that the driving power is applied to the lighting module according to the program stored in the storage module by being provided with a lighting control signal output from the external lighting control device or the server through the communication module, and controls such that the unique identification information of the lighting apparatus stored in the storage module, and a signal for bridge setting or releasing are transmitted through the communication module according to the switching function selection signal output from the function configuration switch module.