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User equipment, base stations and methods
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1. A user equipment (UE), comprising:
a processor; and
a memory in electronic communication with the processor, wherein instructions stored in the memory are executable to:
receive an RRCConnectionReconfiguration message from an E-UTRA evolved node B (eNB), wherein the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message is received over an LTE air interface, the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message comprises information elements (IEs) indicating a new radio (NR) configuration information, and the NR configuration information indicates an identity of an NR-Signaling Radio Bearer (SRB) for NR RRC message;
perform, according to the NR configuration information, addition of the NR-SRB for NR RRC message over an NR air interface which is different from the LTE air interface;
send information indicating a failure type as NR Radio Link failure.