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User interface for classroom management
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1. A non-transitory, computer-readable medium containing instructions for managing user devices in a classroom, the instructions causing a processor to perform stages including:
displaying a graphical user interface (“GUI”) that includes student icons representing students associated with a class, wherein the student icons indicate whether each student is physically present in, or absent from, the classroom;
receiving communications from a plurality of student devices;
based on the communications, highlighting student icons to indicate which students are physically present in the classroom, wherein other student icons are highlighted differently to indicate physical absence from the classroom, and wherein the student icons representing the physically present and absent students are simultaneously displayed on the GUI;
displaying selectable lock icons representing multiple lock types, the selectable lock icons being displayed on the same screen as the student icons; and
in response to a user selection of a first lock, visually distinguishing a first group of student icons to which the first lock applies, wherein visually distinguishing comprises:
generating a first badge that visually corresponds to the first lock, wherein the first badge is different from a second badge that visually corresponds to a second lock; and
applying the first badge to the student icons in the first group.