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Ballistic art
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OG exemplary drawing
1. A concealed ballistic art shield, comprising:
an outwardly-facing surface, having a generally planar configuration;
an inwardly-facing surface, oriented in an opposing direction to the outwardly-facing surface, having a generally planar configuration, and including at least one handle;
wherein the at least one handle is tension spring loaded and configured for quick-release adjustment from a low profile position, where the handle is of low profile with respect to the inwardly-facing surface, to a deployed position where the handle extends inwardly for gripping via removal of a detachable release pin that otherwise extends across the inwardly-facing surface and retains the handle; and
a ballistic resistant material disposed between the outwardly-facing surface and the inwardly facing surface;
wherein the outwardly-facing surface comprises a shroud for concealing the ballistic resistant material, having a disguised appearance resembling an wall-hung interior wall décor item.