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Automatic detection device and automatic detection method for tape
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1. An automatic detection device for tape comprising:
a tape feeding mechanism that feeds the tape, in which cavities for component accommodation are provided at a regular interval and which has multiple empty cavities on a leading end side, at a predetermined pitch, the tape feeding mechanism including a tape feeding sprocket having multiple origin positions at an interval which is equal to or larger than the predetermined pitch;
an origin position sensor to detect each of the multiple origin positions of the tape feeding mechanism;
a light amount detector to transmit light through the tape and detect a transmitted light amount;
a leading end detector to detect a leading end of the tape fed by the tape feeding mechanism based on a detected light amount from the light amount detector;
a reference position determination circuitry to determine a tape reference position, which is in a fixed positional relationship with a first origin position of the tape feeding mechanism detected by the origin position sensor, based on (a) a first position of the tape feeding mechanism based on the leading end detector detecting the leading end of the tape and (b) the first origin position of the tape feeding mechanism immediately before the leading end was detected by the leading end detector; and
an interval calculating circuitry to calculate an interval between the cavities based on a detection cycle of the empty cavities by the light amount detector after the reference position determination circuitry determines the tape reference position.