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Composite cable assembly and server having the same
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1. A server, comprising:
a chassis, the chassis including a tray, a calculation module disposed on the tray, a storage module moveably with respect to the calculation module, and an accommodating space between the calculation module and the storage module; and
a composite cable assembly, comprising:
a plurality of flat cables, the flat cables overlapping each other, each flat cable including a plurality of conductor assemblies arranged spaced apart and a shielding layer covering the conductor assemblies, wherein the shielding layer includes a plurality of covering portions and a plurality of pinched portions, the covering portions and the pinched portions in combination surround and cover the conductor assemblies, each flat cable further includes an adhesive layer, and the adhesive layer is spread between the shielding layer and the conductor assemblies, so that the shielding layer filled with the adhesive layer is tightly adhered to form each pinched portion;
a cable unit, the cable unit including a plurality of transmission lines arranged horizontally and in contact with the shielding layer of an outermost one of the flat cables, wherein the cable unit is in contact with the outermost one of the flat cables, the cable unit and each flat cable are together bent to form a plurality of bent portions and a plurality of extension sections connected to the bent portions; and
a plurality of fastening units, each two fastening units being arranged in spaced-apart relationship at two sides of a respective corresponding one of the bent portions, each extension section having the same length when the cable unit and each of the flat cables are moved in a movement direction of the composite cable assembly to extend or collapse the composite cable assembly,
wherein each bent portion has a bent angle; and when the flat cable is moved in the movement direction, conductors of each conductor assembly are adhered by the adhesive layer, thereby preventing the conductors from being detached from the shielding layer, and also avoiding shifting or deformation;
wherein each extension section is bound by adhesive force or friction of each fastening unit, so that when the composite cable assembly extends or collapses, since each fastening unit tightly fastens each flat cable and the cable unit by the adhesive force or friction stronger than a force moving each flat cable and the cable unit in a longitudinal direction;
wherein the bent portions are not fastened by the fastening units, so when the composite cable assembly is moved in the movement direction to extend, a gap between two adjacent flat cables or between the outermost one of the flat cables and the cable unit at each bent portion varies in size, and when the composite cable assembly is moved in the movement direction to collapse, the gap becomes smaller until the flat cables and the cable unit at the bent portions closely contact each other; and
wherein each flat cable is a shielded cable for transmitting a signal, and each transmission line of the cable unit is a power line for delivering power.