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Rail-mounted control system with improved cooling
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1. A control system for mounting to a rail, the control system comprising:
a base including a mounting structure, a socket, and a body including a channel formed therein that is adapted to receive the rail;
a module for removable mounting to the socket of the base, the module comprising circuitry for processing control signals and a housing enclosing the circuitry, the housing including opposite first and second sides and opposite first and second ends, at least the first end including openings therein to permit air to flow into the housing and over the circuitry;
an air flow deflector adapted for mounting to the mounting structure of the base, the air flow deflector comprising at least one wall defining a recess and including an outer peripheral edge with portions disposed on opposing sides of the recess; and
wherein when the module is mounted to the socket of the base and the air flow deflector is mounted to the mounting structure of the base, the outer peripheral edge is disposed adjacent to the first end of the module such that the air flow deflector forms a pocket with the first end of the module, the pocket including an opening for receiving a fresh air flow disposed in a plane that is at least substantially parallel to at least one of the first and second sides of the module,
wherein the at least one wall of the air flow deflector includes a base wall and an outer wall opposite the base wall, and the at least one wall further comprising a baffle extending between the base wall and the outer wall,
wherein the baffle includes a series of openings therethrough.