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Electronic module and method for producing an electronic module having a fluid-tight housing
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1. An electronic module, comprising
a first circuit board including electronic components;
spacers arranged so as to be resting at least in corner regions of the first circuit board;
a cover plate positioned on the spacers;
a potting compound acting as an end-face closure that seals a gap produced by the spacers between the first circuit board and the cover plate so as to form a housing, wherein:
the electronic components are positioned within the housing;
the potting compound secures the cover plate on the first circuit board in a material-bonding manner; and
a coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the potting compound coincides substantially with a coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the first circuit board and of the cover plate; and
a carrier plate, wherein the first circuit board is positioned at a distance from the carrier plate as a carrier component, with an interspace therebetween, and the potting compound spaces the first circuit board apart from the carrier plate.