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Tactical data center system
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1. A portable computing system comprising:
a transit case for providing structure for the portable computing system;
a slidably removable sled disposed inside the transit case, configured to hold a plurality of computing components and to enable access to the plurality of computing components, the slidably removable sled comprising:
a top chamber configured to hold a first type of computing device,
a bottom chamber configured to hold a second type of computing device,
a floor disposed between the top chamber and the bottom chamber, and
at least one groove disposed along an outer portion;
wherein the transit case further comprises at least one knob disposed along an outer portion thereof in alignment with the at least one groove of the slidably removable sled, wherein the at least one knob comprises a protruding arm and is configured to rotate into a position such that the protruding arm engages the at least one groove so to secure the slidably removable sled to the transit case;
a switch, disposed in the bottom chamber, to provide computer networking and communications functions; and
a plurality of computing blades, disposed in the top chamber, to provide computing capabilities, wherein each of the plurality of computing blades comprises a central processing unit (“CPU”) and a plurality of solid state drives (“SSDs”).