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Burning address method for light emitting diode lamp
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1. A burning address method for a light emitting diode lamp receiving a contactless burning signal and comprising:
the light emitting diode lamp wirelessly receiving a wireless signal from a burner;
the light emitting diode lamp determining whether the wireless signal comprises a wireless starting signal or not;
if the wireless signal comprises the wireless starting signal, the light emitting diode lamp performing a burning procedure to convert a wireless address signal in the wireless signal into a local address data and storing the local address data into an address memory;
if the wireless signal does not comprise the wireless starting signal, the light emitting diode lamp omitting the burning procedure; and
after the light emitting diode lamp finishes the burning procedure, performing a verification procedure to wirelessly transmit the local address data stored in the address memory to a verification module, so that the verification module determines whether the local address data wirelessly received by the verification module is the same with the local address data in the wireless address signal or not.