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Vehicle lamp
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1. A vehicle lamp, comprising:
a planar light-emitting structure having a first substrate on which an organic electroluminescent emission element is formed, a single linear anode feeder element and a single linear cathode feeder element electrically connected to the organic electroluminescent emission element being provided on a back surface along an outer periphery thereof; and
a second substrate connected to the planar light-emitting structure such as to be in contact with the anode feeder element and the cathode feeder element; wherein
the anode feeder element is longer than the cathode feeder element as gauged along the outer periphery of the planar light-emitting structure,
the second substrate is provided with an extended shape that extends along an outer periphery of the light-emitting structure, and
the extended shape is configured to be in contact with one of terminal portions of the anode feeder element, one of terminal portions of the cathode feeder element, the other terminal portion of the cathode feeder element, and the other terminal portion of the anode feeder element in the stated order from one end of the extended shape to the other.