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Time-multiplex transmission of localisation beacon signals and control-related signals
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1. A localization system for detecting a location of a mobile device within an environment, the localization system comprising:
a plurality of wireless reference nodes, wherein each of the wireless reference nodes comprises a wireless interface arranged for transmission of localization beacon signals between the wireless interface and the mobile device, wherein one or more wireless reference nodes, of said plurality of wireless reference nodes, further comprises a respective sensor;
one or more appliances arranged to provide or contribute to providing another utility into the environment, other than localization of mobile devices;
one or more controllers arranged to control said one or more appliances, and to use a wireless interface of each of the appliances to transmit and/or listen for a plurality of control-related signals, other than the localization beacon signals, related to controlling the provision of said utility, the control-related signals being communicated on a same or overlapping frequency band as the localization beacon signals;
wherein at least some of the control-related signals comprise sensor data transmitted from at least one of said one or more wireless reference nodes, taken using the respective sensor;
wherein the plurality of wireless reference nodes are configured to time-multiplex transmission of and/or listening for the localization beacon signals and transmission of and/or listening for said plurality of control-related signals into different time slots;
wherein the at least one of said one or more wireless reference nodes is further configured to detect one or more sensing events based on activity sensed using the respective sensor, transmit the sensor data in an allocated one of said time slots on condition that one of the sensing events is detected, and transmit one of the localization beacon signals in said allocated time slot on condition that none of the sensing events is detected.