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Tubular lighting assembly with elastic elongated substrate and method of manufacturing a tubular lighting assembly with elastic elongated substrate
Antonius Maria Rijken, Eindhoven (NL); Erik Paul Boonekamp, Eindhoven (NL); Martinus Hermanus Wilhelmus Maria Van Delden, Eindhoven (NL); Henricus Johannes Joseph Bouwens, Eindhoven (NL); and Giovanni Cennini, Eindhoven (NL)
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1. A method for manufacturing an elongated assembly having a tubular body with a central axis and an inner surface, said assembly comprising an elastic elongated substrate having a first surface and a second surface, the substrate being at least partially deformable and adapted to couple at least one electrical component to the first surface, the assembly further comprising a supporting surface constituted at least in part by the inner surface arranged to support at least a portion of the second surface, the method comprising:
inducing an elastic preload in at least one portion of the elastic elongated substrate by deforming the elastic elongated substrate such that the portion of the second surface curves outwards at least longitudinally;
inserting the elastic elongated substrate into the tubular body of the assembly; and
fixedly arranging the elastic elongated substrate in the elongated assembly, wherein the elastic preload in the at least a portion of the elastic elongated substrate produces a force between the at least one portion of the second surface and the supporting surface that abuts the portion of the second surface against the supporting surface, by arranging the substrate in two opposite ends of the tubular body, wherein the elastic preload imposed by the substrate imposes a force to direct the substrate to increase a curvature of the substrate along a direction parallel to the central axis of the tubular body while the substrate is fixedly arranged in the elongated assembly.