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Confocal laser eye surgery system and improved confocal bypass assembly
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1. A method of operating a laser surgical system, the method comprising:
using a beam source to generate an electromagnetic beam;
propagating the electromagnetic beam from the beam source to a scanner along an optical path, the optical path comprising a first optical element that attenuates the electromagnetic beam, the first optical element being positioned between the beam source and the scanner;
focusing the electromagnetic beam to a focal point at a location within the eye;
using the scanner to scan the focal point to different locations within the eye;
propagating a portion of the electromagnetic beam reflected from the focal point location back along the optical path to the first optical element, the first optical element diverting a portion of the reflected electromagnetic radiation to a sensor;
using the sensor to generate an intensity signal indicative of an intensity of a portion of the electromagnetic beam reflected from the focal point location and propagated to the sensor via the first optical element; and
reversibly inserting a confocal bypass assembly into the optical path, diverting the electromagnetic beam along a diversion optical path around the first optical element,
wherein the confocal bypass assembly automatically exits the optical path when a power loss occurs to one or more components of the laser surgical system.