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Efficient address assignment in coded lighting positioning systems
Tim Corneel Wilhelmus Schenk, Eindhoven (NL); Hongming Yang, Eindhoven (NL); Lorenzo Feri, Eindhoven (NL); Wijnand Johannes Rietman, Eindhoven (NL); Johan Cornelis Talstra, Eindhoven (NL); and Johan-Paul Marie Gerard Linnartz, Eindhoven (NL)
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1. A coded lighting positioning system comprising a plurality of light sources, each of the plurality of light sources comprising:
an emitter for emitting coded light comprising an initial light source identifier of the respective light source; and
a receiver for receiving, from a remote controller, information to assign a modified light source identifier to the respective light source the modified light source identifier being a locally unique identifier used to provide positional information and composed of less data than the initial light source identifier,
the emitter further arranged for emitting coded light comprising said modified light source identifier of the respective light source.