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Insert and LED holder assembly using same
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1. A LED holder assembly, comprising:
a holder with a frame that includes an array recess configured to receive an LED array and secure it in position, the frame including an aperture and a socket that are both in communication with the array recess; and
an insert with a base configured to be mounted in the socket, the insert including a mating pocket and a first terminal supported by the base, the first terminal providing a first contact that extends into the array recess and a second contact that extends into the mating pocket, the first terminal including a first body extending between the first contact and the second contact, and the insert further including a second terminal supported by the base, the second terminal providing a third contact extending into the array recess and a fourth contact extending into the mating pocket, the second terminal including a second body extending between the second and fourth contacts, wherein the insert includes a first projection that is configured, in operation, to be positioned on top of an LED array, the projection having the first terminal extend therefrom.