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Electronic device having heat collection/diffusion structure
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1. A portable communication device comprising:
a display module;
a printed circuit board disposed below the display module;
an electronic component disposed on a surface, of the printed circuit board, directed toward the display module;
a first thermal interfacing material disposed on the electronic component;
a shielding member enclosing the electronic component and configured to shield the electronic component to mitigate electromagnetic interference associated with the electronic component, wherein the shielding member comprises:
a shield frame mounted to the printed circuit board and including side walls and a top wall having an opening, and
a shield cover disposed to cover the opening of the top wall of the shield frame such that the first thermal interfacing material is disposed between the electronic component and the shield cover, wherein the shield cover has a thickness which is thinner than a thickness of the side walls of the shield frame;
a second thermal interfacing material disposed on the shield cover of the shielding member;
a heat pipe configured to receive at least a portion of heat radiated from the electronic component through the first thermal interfacing material, the shielding member and the second thermal interfacing material, wherein at least a portion of the heat pipe is disposed between a support member and the second thermal interfacing material;
the support member for mechanically supporting the display module, the support member having a first side directed toward the display module and a second side directed toward the printed circuit board, the second side of the support member including a recess in which at least a portion of the heat pipe is disposed,
wherein the recess extends from the second side of the support member towards the first side of the support member, and
wherein an entirety of the heat pipe is disposed at the second side the support member.