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Paper cooking utensil for induction cookers
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1. A paper cooking utensil for an induction cooker, comprising:
a food containing part made of a paper sheet having its whole internal surface coated with a clear film and folded into a geometric cooking utensil, wherein the paper sheet is sealed together with an adhesive agent to have each of side sections and a bottom section, and an upper edge of each of the side sections is a flange section acting as a lip for holding the paper cooking utensil, with each of the flange sections being foldably connected together along a folded line which folds down outwardly;
an aluminum foil sheet having a geometric shape and being attached to a central area of the bottom section, wherein the aluminum foil sheet is fixed to a top surface of the bottom section by applying an adhesive agent only on two edges on opposite sides of the aluminum foil sheet, and the aluminum foil sheet is porous;
wherein the thickness of the aluminum foil sheet ranges from 10-50 microns, with an area of no less than 60 square centimeters, and
wherein the aluminum foil sheet is configured to vibrate upward and downward due to attracting and repelling forces between electromagnetic waves emitted from the induction cooker with the aluminum foil sheet.