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Well livening tool based on nitrogen producing chemistry
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1. A method for increasing production of fluids from a well having a wellbore extending into a formation having a hydrocarbon reservoir, the method comprising:
inserting a tool into the wellbore, the tool comprising:
a body defining an interior chamber, the interior chamber containing a plurality of reactants, the plurality of reactants comprising sodium azide;
an ignition component connected to a wireline, the ignition component comprising an igniter;
initiating reaction of the sodium azide to produce nitrogen in-situ in the well, wherein the volume of produced nitrogen is proportional to a true vertical depth and a cross-sectional area of the well, and comprises an amount sufficient to fill the wellbore; and
releasing the nitrogen from the interior chamber into the wellbore to lighten the fluid column in the wellbore and lift fluids in the wellbore.