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Wireless color tuning for constant-current driver
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1. A control apparatus to color tune a light-emitting diode (LED) array, the apparatus comprising:
a wireless module to receive a wireless signal from a wireless control-device, the received wireless signal comprising at least one signal of signals including a correlated color temperature (CCT) value and a distance value (Duv) of a temperature of the LED array from a black-body line (BBL), the Duv value being one of a positive metric or a negative metric of a color point from the BBL, the Duv indicating a greenish color, if above the BBL, or a pinkish color, if below the BBL, respectively;
a control unit coupled to the wireless module to translate one or more signals received therefrom, the control unit further coupled to the LED array and to an LED driver, the control unit to receive power for the LED array from the LED driver, the control unit further configured to provide the power to the LED array in a manner based on the translated signals; and
a dimmer emulator coupled to the control unit to provide one or more control signals to the LED driver.