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Radio link failure handling method and related product
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1. A method for processing a radio link failure, applied to a terminal, wherein the terminal comprises a Radio Link Control (RLC) layer entity, and the method comprises:
triggering a communication failure process according to a configuration of the RLC layer entity, when the RLC layer entity reaches a maximum number of retransmission times;
wherein a carrier set configured for a logical channel corresponding to the RLC layer entity comprises a Primary Secondary Cell (PSCell); and triggering the communication failure process according to the configuration of the RLC layer entity comprises:
triggering a radio link failure process of a Secondary Cell Group (SCG);
wherein the triggering the radio link failure process comprises the following steps:
suspending all radio bearers except a signal radio bearer SRB0;
resetting a Medium Access Control (MAC) layer; and
initializing transmission of a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connection reestablishment request message.