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Arrangement for compensating pressure in a housing
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1. A configuration for compensating for pressure in a housing, the configuration comprising:
at least one housing wall with a pressure compensation opening formed therein;
a semi-permeable membrane closing said pressure compensation opening and having a circumference and a thickness, said semi-permeable membrane being fixed, at least in a materially bonded way, on said housing wall;
a protective element covering said semi-permeable membrane; and
said housing wall having in a region of said pressure compensation opening, an indentation and/or recess formed therein, said indentation and/or recess receiving said semi-permeable membrane, said indentation and/or recess having a given circumference corresponding to said circumference of said semi-permeable membrane and a height corresponding at least to said thickness of said semi-permeable membrane;
said protective element being a self-adhesive protective sticker having at least one ventilation opening formed therein;
said protective element arranged on said housing wall and spaced away from said semi-permeable membrane;
said housing wall having an additional indentation and/or recess formed therein for receiving said protective element, dimensions of said additional indentation and/or recess corresponding to dimensions of said protective element;
said additional indentation and/or recess having at least one channel-shaped depression; and
wherein said at least one ventilation opening in said self-adhesive protective sticker is disposed in a region of said at least one channel-shaped depression in a state of said self-adhesive protective sticker in which it is disposed on said housing wall.