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Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit
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1. A terminal apparatus which communicates with a base station apparatus, the terminal apparatus comprising:
a storage that stores history information which contains an identifier of a cell which the terminal apparatus visited;
detector circuitry that detects a number of cell changes made during an evaluation time; and
radio resource control circuitry that notifies the base station apparatus of a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connection setup complete message which includes first information and second information, wherein
the first information indicates a mobility state which is one of a normal-mobility state, a high-mobility state, and a medium-mobility state, the mobility state relating to the number of cell changes made during the evaluation time,
the second information relates to the history information,
the terminal apparatus receives the evaluation time from the base station apparatus, and
the terminal apparatus reports the mobility state to the base station apparatus in accordance with a RRC message from the base station apparatus.