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Threat intelligence system
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1. A system, comprising:
one or more hardware computing devices in communication with a first electronic data store and configured to execute specific computer-executable instructions that upon execution cause the system to:
receive a request from a first user to deploy a sensor;
use information describing virtual machine images used by the first user to configure a first sensor;
cause the first sensor to be launched within a virtual network of the first user with a first network connection that facilitates communication between the first sensor and one or more remote endpoints outside of the virtual network;
receive first activity information sent by the first sensor;
combine the first activity information with activity information from a second sensor associated with a second user into third activity information;
identify an Internet Protocol (“IP”) address as being a suspected source of malicious computing activity using the third activity;
create threat information that includes the IP address as a suspected source of malicious computing activity; and
make the threat information available to the first user.