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Maintaining a lighting system
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1. A computer-implemented method of maintaining a lighting system comprising multiple luminaries installed at known locations in an environment, wherein each is configured to emit a unique luminaire identifier into the environment, the method comprising executing management code to implement the following steps:
in a processor:
accessing a database, wherein the database holds multiple location identifiers, each of which identifies one of the known locations;
identifying a route through the environment based on the location identifiers, the route traversing a plurality of the known locations;
moving a photodetector along the route through the environment;
in the processor:
receiving data generated by the photodetector wherein the data conveys a sequence of the luminaire identifiers detected by the photodetector from luminaries encountered in moving along the route, the sequence being in order of detection; and
performing a database update by, for at least one luminaire identifier in the sequence: identifying its position in the sequence, and updating the database based on the at least one luminaire identifier and its identified position in the sequence.