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System and method for monitoring the connection of a pluggable lighting unit to a socket
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1. A system for monitoring the connection of a plug of a lighting unit to a socket, the system comprising:
at least one socket for receiving the plug of a lighting unit, the at least one socket comprising:
a detection arrangement for detecting connection of the plug to the socket, wherein the detection arrangement is adapted to generate a session identifier which identifies the session during which the plug remains connected to the socket, wherein the detection arrangement is adapted to generate a new session identifier each time the plug is connected to the socket; and
a lighting controller adapted to store and/or monitor the session identifier to enable determination that the plug has been unplugged from the socket, wherein the session identifier comprises an analogue parameter value based on a variable impedance, which value is generated by mechanical movement of one or more components of the detection arrangement in response to the mechanical operation of connecting the plug to the socket.