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Method for improved surface tracking-based motion management and dynamic planning in adaptive external beam radiation therapy
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1. A therapy planning system for treating an internal target of a patient using a therapy delivery control system configured to deliver therapy to the patient, said therapy planning system comprising:
at least one processor programmed to:
receive a treatment plan to treat the internal target, the treatment plan including a plurality of treatment fractions including correspondences between the internal target and an external body surface based on (i) a pre-procedural planning image which is segmented to delineate the internal target, and (ii) pre-procedural tracking data;
before delivery of one or more selected treatment fractions of the plurality of treatment fractions:
receive a pre-fraction planning image of the target;
segment the internal target in the pre-fraction planning image by registering the pre-fraction planning image to the segmented pre-procedural planning image;
receive tracking data of the external body surface of the patient; and
update the correspondences between the internal target and the external body surface based on (i) the segmented pre-fraction planning image and (ii) the received tracking data of the external body surface of the patient; and
provide the treatment plan and the updated correspondences to the therapy delivery control system in accordance with the treatment plan and using the updated correspondences.