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1. An energy saving circuit configured for electro-magnetic orthopedic therapy, said circuit comprising:
a coil arranged to produce an orthopedic therapeutic electro-magnetic field;
a capacitor in series with said coil;
one or more switches in series with said capacitor; and
a controller to:
control said switches to maintain said capacitor at a first voltage value during a non-pulse phase, wherein no electro-magnetic field is produced,
control said switches to charge said capacitor to a second voltage value, said second voltage value equal to said first voltage value, said second voltage value having a charge opposite to said first voltage value; and
control said switches to further charge said capacitor from said second voltage value back to said first voltage value, said further charging occurring over a time period of a pulse phase, wherein said charging and said further charging said capacitor comprises passing a current through said coil to produce said electro-magnetic field, said current related to a voltage drop across said coil of about two times said first voltage value.