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Method for the treatment of ischemic stroke by applying an electromagnetic field
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1. A method for treatment of cerebral ischemic stroke in a subject in need thereof comprising:
(a) identifying an ischemic area of a brain of the subject; and
(b) applying an effective electromagnetic field to the ischemic area of the brain by flowing a pulsed current in a solenoid with a pulse duration of 1.3 ms and a frequency of 75 Hz, wherein the pulse current is generated by increasing the current in a linear manner for the entire pulse duration, wherein the electromagnetic field is effective to reduce local edema, to increase neuronal survival or to reduce neuronal apoptosis, relative to a subject that has suffered a stroke but to whom the effective electromagnetic field was not applied, and wherein the electromagnetic field is applied to the ischemic area of the brain for a time of about 2 hours per day for 5 days starting from about 24 hours after occurrence of the cerebral ischemic stroke.