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External pulse generator device and associated methods for trial nerve stimulation
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1. An external pulse generator comprising:
a pulse generator electrically configured for generating neurostimulation pulses along a plurality of stimulation channels;
a battery electrically coupled to the pulse generator;
an outer housing enclosing the pulse generator and battery;
an external cable extending from the housing; and
a multi-pin connector electrically coupleable to the pulse generator through the external cable, wherein a plurality of pins of the multi-pin connector correspond to the plurality of stimulation channels; and an actuatable user interface feature disposed on the housing and configured for initiating wireless communication with an external programmer when actuated
wherein the actuatable user interface is configured such that:
actuation while the pulse generator is off or in a hibernation state causes the external pulse generator to be receptive to wireless communication with the external programmer for a pre-determined period of time; and
wherein operation or communication by the external pulse generator remains unchanged when actuation occurs while the pulse generator is operating or communicating.