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Methods and apparatus for adjusting neurostimulation intensity using evoked responses
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1. A system for delivering neurostimulation to a body having a vagus nerve and a laryngeal muscle, the system comprising:
a stimulation output circuit configured to deliver neurostimulation pulses to the vagus nerve;
an evoked response detection circuit configured to receive a physiological signal indicative of evoked responses being physiologic events evoked by the neurostimulation pulses, to control timing of one or more detection windows based on a type of a response of the evoked responses anticipated to be detected within each window of the one or more detection windows, and to detect one of the evoked responses during a detection window of the one or more detection windows for each pulse of the neurostimulation pulses delivered using the physiological signal; and
a control circuit configured to control the delivery of the neurostimulation pulses using a stimulation intensity, the control circuit including a stimulation parameter adjustor configured to adjust the stimulation intensity in response to a specified first number of the evoked responses not detected for a specified second number of the neurostimulation pulses delivered.