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Thrombus detection device and method
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1. A medical device comprising:
a. a catheter body having a distal port positioned in a distal portion of the catheter body, the distal port being in fluid association with a catheter lumen extending to a proximal port in a proximal portion of the catheter body;
b. an IVC filter coupled to the distal portion of the catheter body and positioned such that the distal port opens at a proximal side of the IVC filter;
c. an elongate tube disposed and reciprocally moveable within the catheter lumen, the elongate tube comprising a tube lumen extending at a substantially constant inner diameter from a first opening at a proximal end to a distal tube portion comprising a distal portion lumen extending at an increasing inner diameter to a second opening wider than the first opening, the second opening being sufficiently wide to permit entry of a thrombus into the distal portion lumen, where the distal tube portion is configured to diametrically collapse for insertion into the catheter lumen at the proximal port and to diametrically expand when the elongate tube is in an extended position and the distal tube portion projects out of the catheter lumen at the distal port; and
d. a coupling in fluid communication with the first opening of the proximal end of the elongate tube, the coupling configured to removably couple a syringe to the first opening of the elongate tube where the syringe is capable of drawing blood into the distal portion lumen and through the tube lumen of the elongate tube.