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Methods, systems, and devices for resizable intra-atrial shunts
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1. An expandable device adapted for percutaneous delivery into a membrane of a patient's heart, the device comprising:
first and second anchors adapted to contact, respectively, a first side and a second side of the membrane;
a retainer interconnecting the first and second anchors, the retainer being adapted to permit blood to flow across the membrane at a first flow rate; and
a shunt removably attachable to the retainer, the shunt being receivable within the retainer so as to enable the device to conduct blood across the membrane at a second flow rate, the shunt configured to be percutaneously delivered to the retainer after the retainer is implanted into the membrane of the patient's heart, wherein the shunt comprises a frame having at least one aperture associated with a flap releasably secured in place with a bio-resorbable material so as to partially close the aperture.