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Catheter guiding system and methods
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1. A guidance system for accessing a target area within a body, the guidance system comprising: a guidable catheter having a proximal end and a distal end; a tip ring attached to the distal end of the guidable catheter, the tip ring having a distal surface with a first indentation in the distal surface, a first saddle formed within the first indentation and having an inclined surface extending distally to an apex of the saddle that is equal or proximal to the distal surface having the first indentation, a first pullwire channel extends proximally from an opening formed in the inclined surface; and a first pullwire extending to the first saddle, through the opening, over the apex of the saddle, and then extending proximally through a second pullwire channel and from the first saddle, the first pullwire being configured to engage with the first saddle of the tip ring upon application of tension to the first pullwire, the first pullwire thereby subjecting the guidable catheter to a first curving force upon application of tension to the first pullwire; further comprising a second pullwire and a third pullwire extending to the tip ring and configured to engage with a second saddle and a third saddle formed in the tip ring, respectively, the second saddle and the third saddle being formed as raised surfaces within second and third indentations in the distal surface.