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Automatic injection device with a top release mechanism
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1. A handheld injection device, comprising:
a rotatable dose setting member,
a power reservoir comprising a torsion spring for storing energy to expel a dose of medication from the injection device,
a release member axially arranged relative to the injection device, wherein the release member forms a push button like release member,
the injection device further comprising a multi-component driver (36, 37, 38) having at least a part (38) adapted to drive a piston rod, and a further part (36) being axial movable into a position disconnected from the housing releasing the energy accumulated in the power reservoir, the further part (36) being axially movable by the user applying a force onto the push button like release member, wherein the release member is located at the most proximal portion of the proximal end of the injection device, opposite an end of the device wherein a needle may be mounted, and
wherein the injection device further comprises a display member adapted to display the dose to be ejected from the injection device in accordance with a setting of the dose setting member.