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1. A handheld spring-driven injection device comprising:
a housing;
a piston rod defining a first longitudinal axis, the piston rod being located within the housing;
a driver coupled to the piston rod;
a dose setting assembly which is rotatable during dose setting;
a power reservoir for driving the driver, wherein the power reservoir is a motor spring of the handheld spring-driven injection device, the motor spring being dimensioned such that the motor spring can drive the piston rod from a retracted position into a distal position; and
a number wheel for displaying a dose set by the dose setting assembly,
wherein the dose setting assembly comprises a dial grip, which comprises a threaded section having an end stop, and wherein the housing comprises a splined section, with a last dose nut being interposed between and engaging the threaded section of the dial grip and the splined section of the housing,
wherein the motor spring has a first end attached to a first spool, which is located on the first longitudinal axis, and a second end attached to a second spool, which is located on a second longitudinal axis, with one of the first and second spools being coupled to the driver.