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Bone delivery apparatus and methods
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1. An apparatus for delivery of bone, comprising
(a) a syringe body, the syringe body comprising:
(i) a tip at a bottom thereof,
(ii) a funnel-shaped top at the top thereof, and
(iii) a tubular section having a generally cylindrical interior wall defining a passageway extending from the funnel-shaped top to the tip; and
(b) a plunger, the plunger comprising,
(i) an elongate piston,
(ii) a press head, and
(iii) a handle,
(iv) wherein the piston extends between the press head at a lower end of the plunger and the handle at an upper end of the plunger; and
(c) a plurality of bone cartridges stacked in axial alignment on top of one another within the passageway, each bone cartridge comprising a tube having open ends and bone packed therein;
(d) wherein the plunger is removably received within the passageway, with an extent of the plunger extending out of the funnel-shaped top away from the syringe body; and
(e) wherein an inner diameter of the tube of each bone cartridge corresponds to an outer diameter of the plunger such that the press head and the piston of the plunger may extend within and through the stacked bone cartridges for pushing the bone within the bone cartridges through the stacked tubes and out of the tip of the syringe body.