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Cartridge holder and method for assembling a cartridge unit for a drug delivery device
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1. A drug delivery device comprising:
a housing having a distal end and a proximal end;
a cartridge holder for retaining a section of a cartridge, the cartridge holder comprising a distal end and proximal end, and further comprising:
an opening arranged at the proximal end of the cartridge holder through which the section of the cartridge is insertable; and
a main part and a first moveable part that is moveably connected to the main part, wherein the first moveable part comprises a protrusion and wherein the first moveable part is arranged at or near the proximal end of the cartridge holder,
wherein the protrusion is arranged at an axial position for engaging proximally behind an edge of the section of the cartridge, and
wherein the cartridge holder comprises an engaging means at the proximal end,
wherein the housing comprises a counter engaging means at the distal end configured for the mechanical cooperation with the engaging means for securing the cartridge holder to the housing,
a drive unit, the drive unit comprising a drive member positioned within the housing and movable with respect to the housing; and
a piston rod at least partially within the drive member, the piston rod designed to transfer a force to a bung contained within the cartridge.