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Injection apparatus and injection method using same
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1. An injection apparatus, comprising:
an injector (100) including a mounting part (112) on which a syringe is mounted, a needle assembly (120) provided with a plurality of needles, a motor and a screw that actuate a piston of the syringe forward and backward, the needle assembly (120) having a front rim configured to surround the plurality of needles and to come in contact with a skin of a patient; and
a main body (500) that controls the forward and backward actuation of the piston of the syringe and drug injection,
wherein the main body (500) comprises,
a main board (510) connected to the motor to provide an electrical signal to thus control the drug injection of the needles (121);
an air hose (520) having one end connected to the needle assembly (120) and the other end connected to a fitting (521) provided on the main body (500);
a first suction pipe (541) provided in the main body (500), the first suction pipe having (541) one end connected to the fitting (521) to be communicated with the air hose (520) and the other end connected to an air filter (530);
the air filter (530) provided in the main body (500), the air filter (530) having one end connected to the first suction pipe (541) and the other end connected to the second suction pipe (542) to filter the air sucked in from the air hose (520);
a four-directional connector (550) including first to fourth connectors (551-554) formed thereon wherein the second suction pipe (542) is connected to the first connector (551);
a third suction pipe (543) connected to the second connector (552);
a fourth suction pipe (544) connected to the third connector (553);
a fifth suction pipe (545) connected to the fourth connector (554);
a suction motor (580) connected to the fourth suction pipe (544), the suction motor generating suction pressure to suck in air from the air filter (530);
a suction pressure sensor (560) formed on the main board (510) and connected to the second connector (552) via the third suction pipe (543) to sense the suction pressure at the four-directional connector (550);
a solenoid valve (570) connected to the fifth suction pipe (545) to control opening and closing;
a microcomputer formed on the main board (510) to compare the suction pressure sensed by and transmitted from the suction pressure sensor (560) with a preset suction pressure to thus sense insertion of the needles (121) into the skin, and control operation of the motor of the injector (100) to inject a preset dosage of drug through the needles (121);
a power switch (600) that controls on and off of the injection apparatus; and
a power supply (700) that supplies power to the injection apparatus,
wherein the front rim of the needle assembly (120) is configured to come in contact with and be blocked by the skin with the needles facing the skin, such that vacuum suction pressure is generated at the needle assembly (120) in contact with the skin, in accordance with operation of the suction motor (580) to suck in air from an internal space of the needle assembly (120) via the air hose (520), the first suction pipe (541), the air filter (530), the second suction pipe (542), the four-directional connector (550) and the fourth suction pipe (544), and the needles are inserted into the skin as the skin is drawn toward the needles by the vacuum suction pressure.