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1. An auto-injector for administering a dose of a liquid medicament, comprising:
an elongate case;
a tubular chassis telescopable in the elongate case and biased against the elongate case;
a syringe;
a drive spring;
a plunger for forwarding a load of the drive spring to a stopper of the syringe; and
a trigger button distally arranged in or on the elongate case,
wherein the trigger button is initially coupled to the elongate case and interlocked to the tubular chassis in an initial position,
wherein the trigger button exhibits at least one proximal beam arranged to be in a ramped engagement with the elongate case in a manner to inwardly deflect the at least one proximal beam and decouple the trigger button from the elongate case when the trigger button is forced in a proximal direction against the elongate case,
wherein, in the initial position, the at least one proximal beam inwardly abuts a carrier so as to prevent inward deflection,
wherein the carrier is initially coupled to the tubular chassis for joint axial translation by a detent mechanism,
wherein the detent mechanism is arranged to decouple the tubular chassis from the carrier upon actuation of the trigger button to allow the carrier to move relative to the tubular chassis, and
wherein a first window in the carrier is arranged so as to allow inward deflection of the at least one proximal beam when the elongate case is translated in the proximal direction from the initial position.