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Modular external infusion device
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1. An external infusion device for infusing a fluid into a user's body comprising:
a portable first module configured to be worn by the user, the first module including:
a first housing;
an alarm in the first housing;
a reservoir in the first housing to hold a fluid; and
a pump in the first housing to pump the fluid from the reservoir; and
a portable second module configured to removably attach to the first module so as to form a unitary portable device, the second module including:
a second housing;
a display in the second housing, said display including customizable settings; and
a sensor interface, the sensor being a continuous glucose sensor,
wherein the second module communicates with the first module to provide a fluid delivery program for the flow of the fluid from the first housing, wherein the unitary portable device is configured to be worn under the user's clothing, wherein the second module is easily attachable to and removable from the first module without interrupting fluid delivery from the first module, and wherein the alarm is triggered when communication between the second and the first modules is disrupted.