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Insertion device with horizontally moving part
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1. An insertion device comprising
a penetrating member connected to a transformation member, wherein the penetrating member before and during insertion is attached to a body, the body holding a cannula or sensor at a surface of insertion after insertion has taken place,
a moving part comprising a first guiding member which first guiding member restricts movement of the transformation member and guides the penetrating member from a first position to a second position in a first direction, towards an injection site, wherein the first guiding member of the moving part comprises a groove in which the transformation member of the penetrating member can slide within the grove in a direction different from the direction of movement of the moving part, and
a stationary housing comprising a second guiding member which second guiding
member restricts movement of the moving part,
wherein the second guiding member guides the moving part in a second direction which is linear and substantially parallel to a surface on which the stationary housing is mounted during the insertion,
wherein the insertion device further comprises a tube that restricts movement of the penetrating member to a linear movement in the first direction, and wherein the transformation member of the penetrating member is movable in or along the tube.