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1. A pump enclosure assembly comprising:
an expandable base having a proximal end and a distal end, the base comprising: a first base section and a second base section, wherein the first base section is in sliding engagement with the second base section such that the first base section and the second base section are slidably movable relative to each other between a compacted position and an expanded position, wherein the base in the expanded position is adapted to seat a chamber body having a plunger, wherein the chamber body defines a bore and an outlet, and the plunger is slidably disposed within the bore;
a pusher in sliding engagement with the base, wherein the pusher is dimensioned to contact the head of the plunger;
a puller in sliding engagement with the base;
a spring comprising a first end portion and a second end portion, wherein the first end portion is connected to the puller and the second end portion is connected to the pusher, whereby slidably moving the puller distally when the chamber body having the plunger is seated in the base causes the pusher to contact and exert force on the head of the plunger; and
an expandable cover pivotally connected to the proximal end of the base, a linkage pivotally coupled between the cover and the puller and structured and arranged to translate the opening of the cover to the movement of the puller and pusher towards the proximal end, and the closing of the cover when the chamber body has been disposed engages the pusher against the plunger and moves the puller towards the distal end and tensions the spring;
wherein the expandable base and expandable cover enclose the chamber body, the spring, puller, and pusher structured and arranged to provide force to the plunger of the chamber body providing a pressure pump.